Reading With Meaning by Debbie Miller 

This site was created for educators striving to learn more about the world of reading workshop and comprehension strategies. It is based on Debbie Miller's informative text, Reading With Meaning. As a teacher herself, Miller delves into the world of literature showing just how students read, write, and think their way to a comprehensive style of reading. In this site you will find descriptions of many comprehension strategies, lesson ideas and teaching resources that will help your students learn comprehension techniques adaptable for any grade level. As graduate students at Northern Michigan University and fellow teachers, we have created this website to share our knowledge of comprehension instruction with the education community. It is our hope that you will find this site to be a valuable resource in your teaching and perhaps it may even ignite a passion for sharing comprehension strategies with both your colleagues and students.

Miller, Debbie. Reading With Meaning. Ontario: Pembroke Publishers Limited, 2002. Print.
Updated:April 11, 2010