Questioning Part 4

     The fourth and final part of questioning can be integrated into all subject areas and even beyond the classroom. Questioning does, and should occur in every aspect of life. To get students to continue their questioning skills, start a Wonder Box. A Wonder Box is a small box that is large enough to place index cards in. These index cards will contain any type of question the student comes across during the day. At some point, students can share a few of their questions and ask for assistance from classmates to help answer the question. This is a great time for discussions on the topic to take place which may develop into more questioning on the subject. Another idea to find the answers to Wonder Box questions would be to have a class Wonder Box and have all students add their questions to it. At special times during the day, students would be granted an opportunity to choose a question out of the box and research the answer. Books, internet, or other sources deemed necessary are all resources that could be available for students to find answers to their burning questions. Wonder Boxes are great ways to allow students to take control of what they learn. Each student has different interest and although many teachers would enjoy teaching a curriculum that would follow what each year’s class is interested in, this is not an option. With wonder boxes though, students can have a chance to learn about those personal interests and develop a love for learning along the way.