Real Reading From the Start

When you think about the first month of school, one of the most important areas every teacher turns their focus to is procedures. Whether it’s when to sharpen a pencil or how to line up for recess, students need to know what is expected of them and how to achieve those expectations. Reading workshop starts the same way. In the first month, the new community of readers should practice perfecting and learning procedures so the rest of the year will be productive and run smoothly. Although September focuses on expectations and procedures it does not mean students are left unexposed to the rigorous, yet patient ways of reading workshop. It may be difficult, but be sure to move slowly through the first month. Read aloud every chance you get, give students time to look in good books, build student interest in authors and genres, and explore many different areas of literature. Building great readers takes time, it’s not a race. Relax and enjoy the literature you share, and appreciate that the time and hard work you spend in September pays off for the rest of the year.