After students have been given time to practice a new skill it is important to bring the class back together and share struggles as well as hurdles that were overcome. Again, it is important to model acceptable behavior because students will be discussing real problems they are having and respect, kindness, and acceptance are crucial to students feeling comfortable in the classroom community.

What students need to practice:
  • Speaking loud enough for their voice to be heard in front of the class
  • Speaking and responding politely with others feelings in mind
  • Waiting their turn to share
  • Being respectful and thoughtful about classmates and opposing views
  • Accepting new ideas, and
  • Giving and accepting constructive feedback

During sharing time, students:
  • Think about their thinking (or at least become aware that they do this)
  • Share their new learning
  • Exchange ideas
  • Discuss issues
  • Make connections, and
  • Construct meaning

How Sharing works

Gather students in a circle and invite children to show you they would like a chance to share by bringing their book. Discuss something that went well during the time and ask for volunteers who would like to share. Ask the students, “How did reading go for you today?”, “What’s working well for you?”, or “What’s not working so well for you?”. Give students time to reflect and when they do respond make sure to follow up with a question that encourages the student to think even deeper. If you set high expectations for students to be respectful, thoughtful and give time to listen and learn from each other great things will come from sharing time. Responsible, considerate, thoughtful readers are not born; they must be coached and nurtured by veteran readers who love to share their passion for literature.