Establishing a Framework

Readers Workshop Format – 90 minutes uninterrupted daily – must be kept consistent

Miller suggests the following:
      15-20 minutes Mini-lesson
     45-50 minutes Large block of time to read, respond, confer
     15-20 minutes Time to share

Proficient reader strategies
When the following strategies are taught to the reader, readers become more successful:  
-Activate prior knowledge
-Create images
-Draw inferences
-Ask questions
-Note important ideas

 Gradual release of responsibility – Reading is a skill. Strategies must be taught and practiced, then student is ready to apply those strategies to other texts.

4 Stages
1. Teacher modeling and explanation (show students how, explain strategies, think alouds)
2. Guided practice (let students “have at it”)
3. Independent practice with feedback (conference with students to ensure they are using strategies correctly)
4. Application of the strategy (students apply strategies to text in other curricular areas)


This reading workshop format requires planning ahead. Miller recommends “Big Picture Planning.” Using this, plan 6-8 weeks in advance plus daily planning.